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Wi-Fi Functions

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Available Wi-Fi Features

You can send and receive images and control the camera remotely by 
connecting it to these devices and services via Wi-Fi.


Smartphones and Tablets 
Send images to smartphones and tablet computers that have Wi-Fi 
functions. You can also shoot remotely and geotag your shots from a 
smartphone or tablet.  
For convenience in this manual, smartphones, tablets, and other 
compatible devices are collectively referred to as “smartphones”.


Use software to save camera images to a computer connected via 


Web Services 
Add your account information to the camera for CANON iMAGE 
GATEWAY online photography service or other Web services to 
send camera images to the services. Unsent images on the camera 
can also be sent to a computer or Web service via CANON iMAGE 


Send images wirelessly to a PictBridge-compatible printer (supporting 
DPS over IP) to print them.


Another Camera 
Send images wirelessly between Wi-Fi compatible Canon cameras.

Wi-Fi Functions

Send images wirelessly from the camera to a variety of compatible 
devices, and use the camera with Web services


Before using Wi-Fi, be sure to read “Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) 
Precautions” (= 161).