Erasing All Images


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Choosing Images Individually

Choose [Select].


Following step 2 in “Choosing a Selection 
Method” (= 80), choose [Select] and 
press the [

] button.

Choose an image.


Once you choose an image following 
step 2 in “Choosing Images Individually” 
(= 78), [

] is displayed.


To untag the image, press the [

] button 

again. [

] is no longer displayed.


Repeat this process to specify other 

Erase the image.


Press the [

] button. A conirmation 

message is displayed.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [OK], 
and then press the [

] button.

Erasing All Images

You can choose multiple images to erase at once. Be careful when 
erasing images, because they cannot be recovered. However, protected 
images (= 77) cannot be erased.

Choosing a Selection Method

Access the setting screen.


Press the [

] button, and then 

choose [Erase] on the [

] tab (= 27).

Choose a selection method.


Choose a menu item and an option as 
desired (= 27).


To return to the menu screen, press the 

] button.