Protecting Images


Before Use

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Advanced Guide

Playback Mode

Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Wi-Fi Functions

Setting Menu




Using the Menu

Access the setting screen.


Press the [

] button and choose 

[Protect] on the [

] tab (= 27).

Choose a selection method.


Choose a menu item and an option as 
desired (= 27).


To return to the menu screen, press the 

] button.

Protecting Images

 Still Images 


Protect important images to prevent accidental erasure (= 79).


Press the [

] button, and then choose 


] in the menu (= 26). [Protected] 

is displayed.


To cancel protection, repeat this process 
and choose [

] again, and then press 

the [

] button.


Protected images on a memory card will be erased if you format 
the card (= 121, = 122).


Protected images cannot be erased using the camera’s erasure 
function. To erase them this way, irst cancel protection.