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Viewing Slideshows

 Still Images 


Automatically play back images from a memory card as follows. Each 
image is displayed for about three seconds.


Press the [

] button, choose [ ] in the 

menu, and choose the desired option 
(= 26).


The slideshow will start after [Loading 
image] is displayed for a few seconds.


Press the [

] button to stop the 



The camera’s power-saving functions (= 25) are deactivated 
during slideshows.


To pause or resume slideshows, press the [

] button.


You can switch to other images during playback by pressing the 
[ ][ ] buttons. For fast-forward or fast-rewind, hold the [ ][ ] 
buttons down.


In iltered display (= 73), only images matching search 
conditions are played.

Image Viewing Options

Magnifying Images

 Still Images 



Magnify an image.


Moving the zoom lever toward [

] will 

zoom in and magnify the image, and 

] is displayed. You can magnify 

images up to about 10x by continuing to 
hold the zoom lever.


The approximate position of the displayed 
area (1) is shown for reference.


To zoom out, move the zoom lever 
toward [

]. You can return to single-

image display by continuing to hold it.

Move the display position and 
switch images as needed.


To move the display position, press the 


][ ][ ] buttons.


While [

] is displayed, you can 

switch to [

] by pressing the [

button. To switch to other images while 
zoomed, press the [ ][ ] buttons. Press 
the [

] button again to restore the 

original setting.


You can return to single-image display from magniied display by 
pressing the [

] button.