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UTC: Coordinated Universal Time, essentially the same as 
Greenwich Mean Time

Viewing Short Movies Created When Shooting 
Still Images (Digest Movies)


Still Images



View digest movies recorded automatically in [

] mode (= 32) on a 

day of still image shooting.

Choose an image.


Still images shot in [

] mode are 

labeled with [

] icon.

Play the digest movie.


Press the [

] button, and then choose 


] in the menu (= 26).


The digest movie created on the day of 
still image shooting is played back, from 
the beginning.


After a moment, [

] will no longer be displayed when 

you are using the camera with information display deactivated 
(= 70).

Overexposure Warning (for Image Highlights)

 Still Images 


Washed-out highlights in the image lash on the screen in detailed 
information display (= 70).


 Still Images 



The graph in detailed information display 
(= 70) is a histogram showing the 
distribution of brightness in the image. 
The horizontal axis represents the degree 
of brightness, and the vertical axis, how 
much of the image is at each level of 
brightness. Viewing the histogram is a 
way to check exposure.

GPS Information Display

 Still Images 



Using a smartphone connected to the 
camera via Wi-Fi, you can geotag images 
on the camera, adding information such 
as latitude, longitude, and elevation 
(= 114). You can review this information 
in the GPS information display.


Latitude, longitude, elevation, and UTC 
(shooting date and time) are listed from 
top to bottom.


GPS information display is not available for images that lack this 


[---] is shown instead of numerical values for items not available 
on your smartphone or items not recorded correctly.