Switching Display Modes


Before Use

Basic Guide

Advanced Guide

Playback Mode

Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Wi-Fi Functions

Setting Menu





To switch to Shooting mode from Playback mode, press the 
shutter button halfway.


To deactivate Scroll Display, choose MENU (= 27) > [

] tab 

> [Scroll Display] > [Off].


To have the most recent shot displayed when you enter Playback 
mode, choose MENU (= 27) > [

] tab > [Resume] > [Last 



To change the transition shown between images, access MENU 
(= 27) and choose your desired effect on the [

] tab > 


Switching Display Modes

 Still Images 


Press the [

] button to view other information on the screen, or to hide 

the information. For details on the information displayed, see “Playback 
(Detailed Information Display)” (= 147).

No Information Display

Simple Information Display

Detailed Information Display


Movies are identiied by a [

] icon. 

To play movies, go to step 3.

Play movies.


To start playback, press the [

] button, 

press the [


] buttons to choose [


and then press the [

] button again.

Adjust the volume.


Press the [


] buttons to adjust the 



To adjust the volume when the volume 
indicator (1) is no longer displayed, press 
the [


] buttons.

Pause playback.


To pause or resume playback, press the 

] button.


After the movie is inished, [

] is