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Playback Mode

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 Still Images 


After shooting images or movies, you can view them on the screen as 

Enter Playback mode.


Press the [

] button.


Your last shot is displayed.

Choose an image.


To view the previous image, press the [ ] 
button. To view the next image, press the 
[ ] button.


To access this screen (Scroll Display 
mode), press and hold the [ ][ ] buttons 
for at least one second. In this mode, 
press the [ ][ ] buttons to browse 
through images.


To return to single-image display, press 
the [

] button.


To browse images grouped by shooting 
date, press the [


] buttons in Scroll 

Display mode.

Playback Mode

Have fun reviewing your shots, and browse or edit them in many ways


To prepare the camera for these operations, press the [

] button to 

enter Playback mode.


It may not be possible to play back or edit images that were 
renamed or already edited on a computer, or images from other