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Shooting with Servo AF

 Still Images 



This mode helps avoid missing shots of subjects in motion, because the 
camera continues to focus on the subject and adjust the exposure as long 
as you press the shutter button halfway.

Conigure the setting.


Press the [

] button, choose [Servo 

AF] on the [

] tab, and then choose [On] 

(= 27).



The focus and exposure are maintained 
where the blue AF frame is displayed 
while you are pressing the shutter button 


Focusing may not be possible in some shooting conditions.


In low-light conditions, Servo AF may not be activated (AF frames 
may not turn blue) when you press the shutter button halfway. 
In this case, the focus and exposure are set according to the 
speciied AF frame mode.


If adequate exposure cannot be obtained, the shutter speed 
and aperture value are displayed in orange. Release the shutter 
button, and then press it halfway again.


[AF-Point Zoom] on the [

] tab (= 27) is not available.


Not available when using the self-timer (= 37).


The camera can detect subjects even if you press the shutter 
button halfway without pressing the [ ] button. After your shot, 

] is displayed in the center of the screen.


 Still Images 


One AF frame is displayed in the center. Effective for reliable focusing.


A yellow AF frame is displayed with [

] if the camera cannot 

focus when you press the shutter button halfway.


To reduce the AF frame size, press the [

] button and set 

[AF Frame Size] on the [

] tab to [Small] (= 27).


The AF frame size is set to [Normal] when you use the digital 
zoom (= 36) or digital tele-converter (= 63).


To compose shots so that subjects are positioned at the edge or 
in a corner, irst aim the camera to capture the subject in an AF 
frame, and then hold the shutter button halfway down. As you 
continue to hold the shutter button halfway, recompose the shot 
as desired, and then press the shutter button all the way down 
(Focus Lock).


The AF frame position is enlarged when you press the shutter 
button halfway with [AF-Point Zoom] (= 43) set to [On].