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On-Screen Frames

 Still Images 


In [

] mode, a variety of frames are displayed once the camera 

detects subjects you are aiming the camera at.


A white frame is displayed around the subject (or person’s face) 
determined by the camera to be the main subject, and gray frames are 
displayed around other detected faces. Frames follow moving subjects 
within a certain range to keep them in focus.  
However, if the camera detects subject movement, only the white 
frame will remain on the screen.


When you are pressing the shutter button halfway and the camera 
detects subject movement, a blue frame is displayed, and the focus 
and image brightness are constantly adjusted (Servo AF).


Try shooting in [

] mode (= 57) if no frames are displayed, if 

frames are not displayed around desired subjects, or if frames are 
displayed on the background or similar areas.

Image Stabilization Icons

 Still Images 


Optimal image stabilization for the shooting conditions is automatically 
applied (Intelligent IS). Additionally, the following icons are displayed in 

] and [

] modes.

Image stabilization for still images (Normal)

Image stabilization for still images when panning (Panning)*

Image stabilization for macro shots. During movie recording, [

is displayed, and image stabilization for macro movie recording is 
used (Hybrid IS).

Image stabilization for movies, reducing strong camera shake, as 
when shooting while walking (Dynamic)

Image stabilization for slow camera shake, such as when 
shooting movies at telephoto (Powered)

No image stabilization, because the camera is mounted on 
a tripod or held still by other means. However, during movie 
recording, [

] is displayed, and image stabilization to counteract 

wind or other sources of vibration is used (Tripod IS).

*  Displayed when you pan, following moving subjects with the camera. When you 

follow subjects moving horizontally, image stabilization only counteracts vertical 
camera shake, and horizontal stabilization stops. Similarly, when you follow 
subjects moving vertically, image stabilization only counteracts horizontal camera 


To cancel image stabilization, set [IS Mode] to [Off] (= 44). In 
this case, an IS icon is not displayed.


In [

] mode, no [

] icon is displayed.