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Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

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Shooting with Camera-Determined 

For fully automatic selection of the optimal settings for speciic scenes, 
simply let the camera determine the subject and shooting conditions.

Shooting (Smart Auto)

 Still Images 


Turn the camera on.


Press the power button.


The startup screen is displayed.

Enter [

] mode.


Set the mode switch to [



Press the [

] button, press the [


buttons to choose [

], and then press 

the [

] button again.


Press the [


] buttons to choose 


], and then press the [

] button.


Aim the camera at the subject. The 
camera will make a slight clicking noise 
as it determines the scene.


Icons representing the scene and 
image stabilization mode are displayed 
in the upper right of the screen 
(= 34, = 35).


Frames displayed around any detected 
subjects indicate that they are in focus.

Auto Mode / 

Hybrid Auto Mode

Convenient mode for easy shots with greater control over shooting