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On-Screen Keyboard

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter information for Wi-Fi connections 
(= 90). Note that the length and type of information you can enter 
varies depending on the function you are using.

Entering Characters


Press the [


][ ][ ] buttons to choose 

a character, and then press the [

button to enter it.

Moving the Cursor


Choose [

] or [

] and press the [


Deleting Characters


Choose [ ] and press the [

] button. 

The previous character will be deleted.

Conirming Input and Returning to the 
Previous Screen


Press the [

] button.

Choose a menu item.


Press the [


] buttons to choose an 



For menu items with options not shown, 

irst press the [ ] or [ ] button to switch 
screens, and then press the [


buttons to select the menu item.


To return to the previous screen, press 
the [

] button.

Choose an option.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose an 

Finish the setup process.


Press the [

] button to return to the 

screen displayed before you pressed the 

] button in step 1.


To undo any accidental setting changes, you can restore the 
camera’s default settings (= 124).