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Using the Menu Screen

Conigure a variety of camera functions through the menu screen as 
follows. Menu items are grouped by purpose on tabs, such as shooting 

], playback [

], and so on. Note that available menu items vary 

depending on the selected shooting or playback mode (= 151 – 
= 155).

Access the menu screen.


Press the [

] button.

Choose a tab.


Move the zoom lever to choose a tab.


After you have pressed the [


buttons to choose a tab initially, you can 
switch between tabs by pressing the 
[ ][ ] buttons.

Finish the setup process.


Press the [

] button.


The screen before you pressed the 

] button in step 1 is displayed again, 

showing the option you conigured.


To undo any accidental setting changes, you can restore the 
camera’s default settings (= 124).