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Shutter Button

To ensure your shots are in focus, always begin by holding the shutter 
button halfway down, and once the subject is in focus, press the button all 
the way down to shoot.
In this manual, shutter button operations are described as pressing the 
button halfway or all the way down.

Press halfway. (Press lightly to 


Press the shutter button halfway. The 
camera beeps twice, and frames are 
displayed around image areas in focus.

Press all the way down. (From the 
halfway position, press fully to 


The camera shoots, as a shutter sound 
is played.


Keep the camera still until the shutter 
sound ends.


Images may be out of focus if you shoot without initially pressing 
the shutter button halfway.


Length of shutter sound playback varies depending on the time 
required for the shot. It may take longer in some shooting scenes, 
and images will be blurry if you move the camera (or the subject 
moves) before the shutter sound ends.

Power-Saving Features (Auto Power Down)

As a way to conserve battery power, the camera automatically deactivates 

the screen (Display Off) and then turns itself off after a speciic period of 

Power Saving in Shooting Mode

The screen is automatically deactivated after about one minute of 
inactivity. In about two more minutes, the lens is retracted and the camera 
turns itself off. To activate the screen and prepare for shooting when 
the screen is off but the lens is still out, press the shutter button halfway 
(= 25).

Power Saving in Playback Mode

The camera turns itself off automatically after about ive minutes of 


You can deactivate Auto Power Down and adjust the timing of 
Display Off, if you prefer (= 120).


Power saving is not active while the camera is connected to other 
devices via Wi-Fi (= 89), or when connected to a computer 
(= 132).