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Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Playback Mode

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Shooting Mode


Press the power button to turn the 
camera on and prepare for shooting.


To turn the camera off, press the power 
button again.

Playback Mode


Press the [

] button to turn the camera 

on and view your shots.


To turn the camera off, press the [

button again.


To switch to Playback mode from Shooting mode, press the [



To switch to Shooting mode from Playback mode, press the 
shutter button halfway (= 25).


The lens will be retracted after about one minute once the camera 
is in Playback mode. You can turn the camera off when the lens is 
retracted by pressing the [

] button.

Adva nc e d Guide

Camera Basics

Other basic operations and more ways to enjoy your camera, including 
shooting and playback options