Trying the Camera Out


Before Use

Basic Guide

Advanced Guide

Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Playback Mode

Wi-Fi Functions

Setting Menu




Compose the shot.


To zoom in and enlarge the subject, move 
the zoom lever toward [

] (telephoto), 

and to zoom away from the subject, move 
it toward [

] (wide angle).


Shooting Still Images

1) Focus.


Press the shutter button lightly, halfway 
down. The camera beeps twice after 
focusing, and frames are displayed to 
indicate image areas in focus.


If [Raise the lash] appears on the screen, 
move the [

] switch to raise the lash. It 

will ire when shooting. If you prefer not 

to use the lash, push it down with your 

inger, into the camera.

2) Shoot.


Press the shutter button all the way 


As the camera shoots, a shutter sound 
is played, and in low-light conditions 

when you have raised the lash, it ires 


Keep the camera still until the shutter 
sound ends.

Trying the Camera Out

 Still Images 


Follow these instructions to turn the camera on, shoot still images or 
movies, and then view them.

Shooting (Smart Auto)

For fully automatic selection of the optimal settings for speciic scenes, 
simply let the camera determine the subject and shooting conditions.

Turn the camera on.


Press the power button.


The startup screen is displayed.

Enter [

] mode.


Set the mode switch to [



Press the [

] button, press the [


buttons to choose [

], and then press 

the [

] button again.


Press the [


] buttons to choose 


], and then press the [

] button.


Aim the camera at the subject. The 
camera will make a slight clicking noise 
as it determines the scene.


Icons representing the scene and image 
stabilization mode are displayed in the 
upper right of the screen.


Frames displayed around any detected 
subjects indicate that they are in focus.