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The current time is displayed if you wait too long in step 2 after 
pressing the [

] button before you press the [

] button. 

In this case, press the [

] button to dismiss the time display and 

repeat step 2.


You can also change the display language by pressing the 

] button and choosing [Language 

] on the [

] tab.


The camera has a built-in date/time battery (backup battery). 
Date/time settings will be retained for about 3 weeks after the 
battery pack is removed.


The date/time battery will be charged in about 4 hours once you 
insert a charged battery pack or connect the camera to an AC 
adapter kit (sold separately, = 126), even if the camera is left 


Once the date/time battery is depleted, the [Date/Time] screen will 
be displayed when you turn the camera on. Set the correct date 
and time as described in “Setting the Date and Time” (= 19). 

Display Language

Change the display language as needed.

Enter Playback mode.


Press the [

] button.

Access the setting screen.


Press and hold the [

] button, and then 

immediately press the [

] button.

Set the display language.


Press the [


][ ][ ] buttons to choose 

a language, and then press the [



Once the display language has been set, 
the setting screen is no longer displayed.