Setting the Date and Time


Before Use

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Advanced Guide

Camera Basics

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Setting Menu




Finish the setup process.


Press the [

] button when inished. 

After a conirmation message, the setting 
screen is no longer displayed.


To turn off the camera, press the power 


Unless you set the date, time, and home time zone, the [Date/
Time] screen will be displayed each time you turn the camera on. 
Specify the correct information.


To set daylight saving time (1 hour ahead), choose [

] in step 2 

and then choose [

] by pressing the [


] buttons.

Changing the Date and Time

Adjust the date and time as follows.

Access the menu screen.


Press the [

] button.

Choose [Date/Time].


Move the zoom lever to choose the [



Press the [


] buttons to choose 

[Date/Time], and then press the [


Change the date and time.


Follow step 2 in “Setting the Date and 
Time” (= 19) to adjust the settings.


Press the [

] button to close the 

menu screen.

Setting the Date and Time

Set the current date and time correctly as follows if the [Date/Time] screen 
is displayed when you turn the camera on. Information you specify this 
way is recorded in image properties when you shoot, and it is used when 
you manage images by shooting date or print images showing the date.
You can also add a date stamp to shots, if you wish (= 39).

Turn the camera on.


Press the power button.


The [Date/Time] screen is displayed.

Set the date and time.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose an 


Press the [


] buttons to specify the 

date and time.


When inished, press the [ ] button.

Specify your home time zone.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose your 
home time zone.