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Close the cover.


Lower the cover (1) and hold it down as 
you slide it, until it clicks into the closed 
position (2).


For guidelines on how many shots or hours of recording can be 
saved on one memory card, see “Number of Shots per Memory 
Card” (= 157).

Removing the Battery Pack and Memory Card

Remove the battery pack.


Open the cover and press the battery 
lock in the direction of the arrow.


The battery pack will pop up.

Remove the memory card.


Push the memory card in until it clicks, 
and then slowly release it.


The memory card will pop up.



Inserting the Battery Pack and Memory Card

Insert the included battery pack and a memory card (sold separately).
Note that before using a memory card that is new or has been formatted 
in another device, you should format the memory card with this camera 
(= 121).

Open the cover.


Slide the cover (1) and open it (2).

Insert the battery pack.


Holding the battery pack with the 
terminals (1) facing as shown, press the 
battery lock (2) in the direction of the 
arrow and insert the battery pack until the 
lock clicks shut.


If you insert the battery pack facing the 
wrong way, it cannot be locked into the 

correct position. Always conirm that the 
battery pack is facing the right way and 
locks when inserted.

Check the card’s write-protect 
switch and insert the memory card.


Recording is not possible on memory 
cards with a write-protect switch when the 
switch is in the locked position. Slide the 
switch to the unlocked position.


Insert the memory card with the label (1) 
facing as shown until it clicks into place.


Make sure the memory card is facing the 
right way when you insert it. Inserting 
memory cards facing the wrong way may 
damage the camera.