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For details on charging time and the number of shots and 
recording time possible with a fully charged battery pack, see 
“Number of Shots/Recording Time, Playback Time” (= 157).


Charged battery packs gradually lose their charge, even when 
they are not used. Charge the battery pack on (or immediately 
before) the day of use.


The charger can be used in areas with 100 – 240 V AC power 
(50/60 Hz). For power outlets in a different format, use a 
commercially available adapter for the plug. Never use an 
electrical transformer designed for traveling, which may damage 
the battery pack.

Charging the Battery Pack

Before use, charge the battery pack with the included charger. Be sure to 
charge the battery pack initially, because the camera is not sold with the 
battery pack charged.

Insert the battery pack.


After aligning the 

 marks on the battery 

pack and charger, insert the battery pack 
by pushing it in (1) and down (2).

Charge the battery pack.


CB-2LY: Flip out the plug (1) and plug the 
charger into a power outlet (2).


CB-2LYE: Plug the power cord into the 
charger, then plug the other end into a 
power outlet.


The charging lamp turns orange, and 
charging begins.


When charging is inished, the lamp turns 

Remove the battery pack.


After unplugging the battery charger, 
remove the battery pack by pushing it in 
(1) and up (2).


To protect the battery pack and keep it in optimal condition, do not 
charge it continuously for more than 24 hours.


For battery chargers that use a power cord, do not attach 
the charger or cord to other objects. Doing so could result in 
malfunction or damage to the product.