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Handling Precautions


The camera is a high-precision electronic device. Avoid dropping it or 
subjecting it to strong impact.


Never bring the camera near magnets, motors, or other devices that 

generate strong electromagnetic ields. This may cause malfunction or 
erase image data.


If water droplets or dirt adheres to the camera or screen, wipe with 
a dry soft cloth, such as an eyeglass cloth. Do not rub hard or apply 


Never use cleaners containing organic solvents to clean the camera 
or screen.


Use a blower brush to remove dust from the lens. If cleaning is dificult, 
contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.


To prevent condensation from forming on the camera after sudden 
temperature changes (when the camera is transferred from cold to 
warm environments), put the camera in an airtight, resealable plastic 
bag and let it gradually adjust to the temperature before removing it 
from the bag.


If condensation does form on the camera, stop using it immediately. 
Continuing to use the camera in this state may damage it. Remove 
the battery pack and memory card, and wait until the moisture has 
evaporated before resuming use.


Store unused battery packs in a plastic bag or other container. To 
maintain battery performance if you will not use the battery pack for 
some time, about once a year charge it and then use the camera until 
it runs out of power before storing the battery pack.

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