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Disconnected/Receiving failed/Sending failed


You may be in an environment where Wi-Fi signals are obstructed.


Avoid using the camera’s Wi-Fi function around microwave ovens, Bluetooth 
devices, and other devices that operate on the 2.4 GHz band.


Bring the camera closer to the other device you are trying to connect to (such as 
the access point), and make sure there are no objects between the devices.


Check the connected device to make sure it is not experiencing errors.

Sending failed 
Memory card error


If the same error message is displayed even when you have inserted a formatted 
memory card facing the correct way, contact a Canon Customer Support Help 

Receiving failed 

Insuficient space on card


There is not enough free space on the memory card in the target camera to 
receive images. Erase images to create space on the memory card, or insert a 
memory card with suficient space.

Receiving failed 
Memory card locked


The write-protect switch of the memory card in the camera to receive the images 
is set to the locked position. Slide the write-protect switch to the unlocked 

Receiving failed 
Naming error!


When the highest folder number (999), and the highest image number (9999) 
have been reached on the receiving camera, images cannot be received.

Insuficient space on server


Delete unnecessary images uploaded to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY to create 


Save the images sent via Image Sync (= 112) to your computer.

Check network settings


Check to make sure your computer can connect to the Internet with the current 
network settings.

File Error


Correct printing (= 133) may not be possible for photos from other cameras or 
images that have been altered using computer software, even if the camera is 
connected to the printer.

Print error


Check the paper size setting (= 135). If this error message is displayed when 
the setting is correct, restart the printer and complete the setting on the camera 

Ink absorber full


Contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk to request assistance with ink 
absorber replacement.


Connection failed


No access points were recognized. Check the access point settings (= 99).


A device could not be found. Turn the camera off and on again, and retry the 


Check the device you want to connect to and make sure it is ready for connection.

Cannot determine access point


The WPS buttons on numerous access points were pressed simultaneously. Try 
reconnecting again.

No access points found


Check to make sure that the access point is turned on.


When connecting to an access point manually, make sure that you entered the 
correct SSID.

Incorrect password/Incorrect Wi-Fi security settings


Check the access point security settings (= 99).

IP address conlict


Reset the IP address so that it does not conlict with another.