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Cannot magnify!/Cannot play back this content in Smart Shufle/Cannot 
rotate/Cannot modify image/Cannot modify/Unselectable image


The following functions may be unavailable for images that were renamed or 
already edited on a computer, or images shot with another camera. Note that 
starred (*) functions are not available for movies.  
Magnify (= 

75)*, Smart Shufle (= 76)*, Rotate (= 81)*, Favorites 

(= 83), Edit (= 84)*, Print List (= 137)* and Photobook Set-up(= 139)*

Invalid selection range


When specifying a range for image selection (= 78, = 81, = 138), you 
attempted to choose an initial image that was after the inal image, or vice-versa.

Exceeded selection limit


More than 998 images were selected for Print List (= 137) or Photobook Set-up 
(= 139). Choose 998 images or less.


Print List (= 137) or Photobook Set-up (= 139) settings could not be saved 
correctly. Reduce the number of selected images and try again.


You attempted to choose more than 500 images in Protect (= 77), Erase 
(= 79), Favorites (= 83), Print List (= 137), or Photobook Set-up 
(= 139).

Naming error!


The folder could not be created or images could not be recorded, because the 
highest supported folder number (999) for storing images on the card has been 
reached and the highest supported image number (9999) for images in folders 
has been reached. On the [

] tab, change [File Numbering] to [Auto Reset] 

(= 122), or format the memory card (= 121).

Lens Error


This error may occur if the lens is held while it is moving, or when the camera is 
used in dusty or sandy locations.


Frequent display of this error message may indicate camera damage. In this 
case, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

A camera error was detected (error number)


If this error message is displayed immediately after a shot, the image may not 
have been saved. Switch to Playback mode to check for the image.


Frequent display of this error message may indicate camera damage. In this 
case, write down the error number (Exx) and contact a Canon Customer Support 
Help Desk.

On-Screen Messages

If an error message is displayed, respond as follows.

Shooting or Playback

No memory card


The memory card may be inserted facing the wrong way. Reinsert the memory 
card facing the correct way (= 18).

Memory card locked


The write-protect switch of the memory card is set to the locked position. Switch 
the write-protect switch to the unlocked position (= 18).

Cannot record!


Shooting was attempted without a memory card in the camera. To shoot, insert a 
memory card facing the correct way (= 18).

Memory card error (= 122)


If the same error message is displayed even after you have formatted a 
supported memory card (= 2) and have inserted it facing the correct way 
(= 18), contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

Insuficient space on card


There is not enough free space on the memory card to shoot (= 30, = 47, 
= 57) or edit images (= 84). Either erase unneeded images (= 79) or 
insert a memory card with enough free space (= 18).

Charge the battery (= 17)

No Image.


The memory card does not contain any images that can be displayed.

Protected! (= 77)

Unidentiied Image/Incompatible JPEG/Image too large/Cannot play back 


Unsupported or corrupt images cannot be displayed.


It may not be possible to display images that were edited or renamed on a 
computer, or images shot with another camera.