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On products that raise and lower the lash automatically, make sure to 

avoid pinching your ingers with the lowering lash.

This could result in injury.


Denotes the possibility of property damage.


Do not aim the camera at intense light sources, such as the sun on a 

clear day or an intense artiicial light source.

Doing so may damage the image sensor or other internal components.


When using the camera on a sandy beach or at a windy location, be 
careful not to allow dust or sand to enter the camera.


On products that raise and lower the lash automatically, do not push 

the lash down or pry it open.

This may cause the product to malfunction.


Wipe off any dust, grime, or other foreign matter on the lash with a 
cotton swab or cloth.

The heat emitted from the lash may cause foreign matter to smoke or the 
product to malfunction.


Remove and store the battery pack/batteries when you are not using 
the product.

Any battery leakage that occurs may cause product damage.


Before you discard the battery pack/batteries, cover the terminals with 
tape or other insulators.

Contacting other metal materials may lead to ire or explosions.


Unplug any battery charger used with the product when not in use. Do 
not cover with a cloth or other objects when in use.

Leaving the unit plugged in for a long period of time may cause it to 

overheat and distort, resulting in ire.


Do not leave any dedicated battery packs near pets.

Pets biting the battery pack could cause leakage, overheating, or 

explosion, resulting in product damage or ire.


Do not allow the camera to maintain contact with skin for extended 

Even if the camera does not feel hot, this may cause low-temperature 
burns, manifested in redness of the skin or blistering. Use a tripod in hot 
places, or if you have poor circulation or insensitive skin.


Denotes the possibility of injury.


When carrying the product by the strap, be careful not to bang it, 
subject it to strong impacts or shocks, or let it get caught on other 


Be careful not to bump or push strongly on the lens.

This could lead to injury or damage the camera.


Be careful not to subject the screen to strong impacts.

If the screen cracks, injury may result from the broken fragments.


When using the lash, be careful not to cover it with your ingers or 

This could result in burns or damage to the lash.


Avoid using, placing, or storing the product in the following places:



Places subject to direct sunlight



Places subject to temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F)



Humid or dusty places

These could cause leakage, overheating, or an explosion of the battery 

pack/batteries, resulting in electrical shock, ire, burns, or other injuries.  

Overheating and damage may result in electrical shock, ire, burns, or 
other injuries.


The slideshow transition effects may cause discomfort when viewed 
for prolonged periods.


When using optional lenses, lens ilters, or ilter adapters (if 

applicable), be sure to attach these accessories irmly.

If the lens accessory becomes loose and falls off, it may crack, and the 
shards of glass may lead to cuts.