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Printing Images

 Still Images 


Your shots can easily be printed by connecting the camera to a printer. 
On the camera, you can specify images to set up batch printing, prepare 
orders for photo development services, and prepare orders or print 
images for photobooks.
A Canon SELPHY CP series compact photo printer is used here for the 
sake of illustration. Screens displayed and available functions vary by 
printer. Also refer to the printer manual for additional information.

Easy Print

 Still Images 



Connecting the camera to a PictBridge-compatible printer with a 
commercial USB cable (the camera terminal is Mini-B) enables you to 
print your shots.

Make sure the camera and printer 
are off.

Connect the camera to the printer.


Open the terminal cover. Holding the 
smaller cable plug in the orientation 
shown, insert the plug fully into the 
camera terminal.


Connect the larger cable plug to the 
printer. For other connection details, refer 
to the printer manual.


Windows 7: If the screen in step 2 is not displayed, click the [

icon in the taskbar.


Mac OS: If CameraWindow is not displayed after step 2, click the 
[CameraWindow] icon in the Dock.


Although you can save images to a computer simply by 
connecting your camera to the computer without using the 
software, the following limitations apply.



It may take a few minutes after you connect the camera to the 
computer until camera images are accessible.



Images shot in vertical orientation may be saved in horizontal 



Image protection settings may be cleared from images saved 
to a computer.



Some problems may occur when saving images or image 
information, depending on the operating system version, the 
software in use, or image ile sizes.