Saving Images to a Computer


Before Use

Basic Guide

Advanced Guide


Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Playback Mode

Wi-Fi Functions

Setting Menu




Choose [Downloads Images From Canon 
Camera] and then click [OK].


Double-click [


Save the images to the computer.


Click [Import Images from Camera], and 
then click [Import Untransferred Images].


Images are now saved to the Pictures 
folder on the computer, in separate 
folders named by date.


After images are saved, close 
CameraWindow, press the [

] button to 

turn the camera off, and unplug the cable.


When viewing imported images on a 
computer, always use software that 
supports the images shot on the camera 
(software normally installed on the 
computer or general-use software).

Saving Images to a Computer

Connecting the camera to a computer with a commercial USB cable (the 
camera terminal is Mini-B) enables you to import your shots.

Connect the camera to the 


With the camera turned off, open the 
cover (1). With the smaller plug of the 
USB cable in the orientation shown, 
insert the plug fully into the camera 
terminal (2).


Insert the larger plug of the USB cable 

in the computer’s USB port. For details 
about USB connections on the computer, 
refer to the computer user manual.

Turn the camera on to access 


Press the [

] button to turn the camera 



Mac OS: CameraWindow is displayed 
when a connection is established 
between the camera and computer.


Windows: Follow the steps introduced 


In the screen that is displayed, click the 
change program link of [