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Using the Software

After downloading the software from the Canon website and installing it on 
the computer you are using, you can do the following things.





Save images to a computer


Image Transfer Utility



Conigure and receive images with Image Sync (= 112)


Map Utility



Display GPS information recorded in images on a map


When viewing or editing images on a computer, always use 
software that supports the images shot on the camera (software 
normally installed on the computer or general-use software).

Connect the power cord.


Insert one end of the power cord into the 
compact power adapter, and then plug 
the other end into a power outlet.


Turn the camera on and use it as desired.


When inished, turn the camera off and 
unplug the power cord from the outlet.


Do not disconnect the adapter or unplug the power cord while 
the camera is still on. This may erase your shots or damage the 


Do not attach the adapter or adapter cord to other objects. Doing 
so could result in malfunction or damage to the product.