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This could result in electrical shock or ire.  

If the product gets wet, or if liquid or foreign objects get inside, remove the 
battery pack/batteries or unplug immediately.


Do not look through the viewinder (if your model has one) at intense 

light sources, such as the sun on a clear day or an intense artiicial 
light source.

This could damage your eyesight.


Do not touch the product during thunderstorms if it is plugged in.

This could result in electrical shock or ire. Immediately stop using the 
product and distance yourself from it.


Use only the recommended battery pack/batteries.


Do not place the battery pack/batteries near or in direct lame.

This may cause the battery pack/batteries to explode or leak, resulting in 

electrical shock, ire, or injuries. If leaking battery electrolyte comes into 

contact with eyes, mouth, skin, or clothing, immediately lush with water.


If the product uses a battery charger, note the following precautions.



Remove the plug periodically and, using a dry cloth, wipe away any 
dust and dirt that has collected on the plug, the exterior of the power 
outlet, and the surrounding area.



Do not insert or remove the plug with wet hands.



Do not use the equipment in a manner that exceeds the rated 
capacity of the electrical outlet or wiring accessories. Do not use if 
the plug is damaged or not fully inserted in the outlet.



Do not allow dust or metal objects (such as pins or keys) to contact 
the terminals or plug.



Do not cut, damage, alter, or place heavy items on the power cord, if 
your product uses one.

This could result in electrical shock or ire.


Turn the camera off in places where camera use is prohibited.

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the camera may interfere with the 

operation of electronic instruments and other devices. Exercise adequate 
caution when using the product in places where use of electronic devices 
is restricted, such as inside airplanes and medical facilities.

Safety Precautions


Before using the product, ensure that you read the safety precautions 
described below. Always ensure that the product is used correctly.


The safety precautions noted here are intended to prevent you and 
other persons from being injured or incurring property damage.


Be sure to also check the guides included with any separately sold 
accessories you use.


Denotes the possibility of serious injury or death.


Do not trigger the lash in close proximity to people’s eyes.

This could damage your eyesight. In particular, remain at least 1 meter 

(3.3 feet) away from infants when using the lash.


Store this equipment out of the reach of children and infants.

A strap wound around a child’s neck may result in asphyxiation.  
If your product uses a power cord, mistakenly winding the cord around a 

child’s neck may result in asphyxiation.


Use only recommended power sources.


Do not disassemble, alter, or apply heat to the product.


Do not peel off the adhesive covering, if the battery pack has it.


Avoid dropping or subjecting the product to severe impacts.


Do not touch the interior of the product if it is broken, such as when 


Stop using the product immediately if it emits smoke or a strange 
smell, or otherwise behaves abnormally.


Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol, benzine, or thinner to 
clean the product.


Avoid contact with liquid, and do not allow liquid or foreign objects