Powering the Camera with Household Power


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When the camera and TV are connected, you can also shoot 
while previewing shots on the larger screen of the TV. To shoot, 
follow the same steps as when using the camera screen. 
However, AF-Point Zoom (= 43) is not available.

Powering the Camera with Household Power

 Still Images 


Powering the camera with AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC40 (sold separately) 
eliminates the need to monitor the remaining battery level.

Make sure the camera is off.

Insert the coupler.


Follow step 1 in “Inserting the Battery 
Pack and Memory Card” (= 18) to 
open the cover.


Holding the coupler with the terminals (1) 
facing as shown, insert the coupler just 
as you would a battery pack (following 
step 2 in “Inserting the Battery Pack and 
Memory Card” (= 18)).


Follow step 4 in “Inserting the Battery 
Pack and Memory Card” (= 18) to 
close the cover.

Connect the adapter to the coupler.


Open the cover and insert the adapter 
plug fully into the coupler.


Playback on a Standard-Deinition TV

 Still Images 


Connecting the camera to a TV with the AV Cable AVC-DC400 (sold 
separately) enables you to view your shots on the larger screen of the TV 
as you control the camera.

Make sure the camera and TV are 

Connect the camera to the TV.


On the TV, insert the cable plugs fully into 
the video inputs as shown.


On the camera, open the terminal cover 
and insert the cable plug fully into the 
camera terminal.

Display images.


Follow steps 3 – 4 in “Playback on a 

High-Deinition TV” (= 128) to display 


Correct display is not possible unless the camera video output 
format (NTSC or PAL) matches the TV format. To change the 
video output format, press the [

] button and choose 

[Video System] on the [

] tab.