Using Optional Accessories


Before Use

Basic Guide

Advanced Guide


Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Playback Mode

Wi-Fi Functions

Setting Menu




On the camera, open the terminal cover 
and insert the cable plug fully into the 
camera terminal.

Turn the TV on and switch to 
external input.


Switch the TV input to the external input 
you connected the cable to in step 2.

Turn the camera on.


Press the [

] button to turn the camera 



Images from the camera are now 
displayed on the TV. (Nothing is 
displayed on the camera screen.)


When inished, turn off the camera and 
TV before disconnecting the cable.


Camera operating sounds are not played while the camera is 
connected to an HDTV.

Using Optional Accessories

 Still Images 


Playback on a TV

 Still Images 


By connecting the camera to a TV, you can view your shots on the larger 
screen of the TV.
For details on connection or how to switch inputs, refer to the TV manual.


Some information may not be displayed when viewing images on 
a TV (= 147).

Playback on a High-Deinition TV

 Still Images 


You can view your shots on a TV by connecting the camera to an HDTV 
with a commercially available HDMI cable (not exceeding 2.5 m, with a 

Type D terminal on the camera end). Movies shot at an image quality of 

] or [

] can be viewed in high deinition.

Make sure the camera and TV are 

Connect the camera to the TV.


On the TV, insert the cable plug fully into 
the HDMI input as shown.