Power Saving Adjustment, Lens Retraction Timing, Using Eco Mode


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Power-Saving Adjustment

Adjust the timing of automatic camera and screen deactivation (Auto 
Power Down and Display Off, respectively) as needed (= 25).


Choose [Power Saving], and then press 
the [

] button.


After choosing an item, press the [ ][ ] 
buttons to adjust it as needed.


To conserve battery power, you should normally choose [On] for 
[Auto Power Down] and [1 min.] or less for [Display Off].


The [Display Off] setting is applied even if you set [Auto Power 
Down] to [Off].


These power-saving functions are not available when you have 
set Eco mode (= 120) to [On].

Lens Retraction Timing

The lens is normally retracted for safety about one minute after you press 
the [

] button in Shooting mode (= 24). To have the lens retracted 

immediately after you press the [

] button, set the retraction timing to 

[0 sec.].


Choose [Lens Retraction], and then 
choose [0 sec.].

Using Eco Mode

This function allows you to conserve battery power in Shooting mode. 

When the camera is not in use, the screen quickly darkens to reduce 
battery consumption. 

Conigure the setting.


Choose [Eco Mode], and then choose [On].



] is now shown on the shooting 

screen (= 146).


The screen darkens when the camera 
is not used for approximately two 
seconds; approximately ten seconds 
after darkening, the screen turns off. 
The camera turns off after approximately 
three minutes of inactivity.



To activate the screen and prepare for 
shooting when the screen is off but the 
lens is still out, press the shutter button