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Adjusting Basic Camera Functions

Basic camera functions are conigured on the [ ] tab of the MENU 
(= 27). Customize commonly used functions as desired, for greater 

Silencing Camera Operations

Silence camera sounds and movies as follows.


Choose [Mute], and then choose [On].


Operation can also be silenced by holding down the [

] button 

as you turn the camera on.


Sound is not played during movies (= 69) if you mute camera 
sounds. To restore sound during movies, press the [

] button. 

Adjust volume with the [


] buttons, as needed.

Adjusting the Volume

Adjust the volume of individual camera sounds as follows.


Choose [Volume], and then press the [



Choose an item, and then press the 
[ ][ ] buttons to adjust the volume.

Setting Menu

Customize or adjust basic camera functions for greater convenience