Shooting Remotely


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Wi-Fi Functions

Camera Basics

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Other Shooting Modes

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The camera works in [

] mode during remote shooting. However, 

some FUNC. and MENU settings you have conigured in advance 
may be changed automatically.


Movie shooting is not available.


Any jerky subject motion shown on the smartphone due to the 
connection environment will not affect recorded images.


No AF frames are displayed. Capture a test image to check the 


Captured images are not transferred to the smartphone. Use the 
smartphone to browse and import images from the camera.

Shooting Remotely

As you check a shooting screen on your smartphone, you can use it to 
shoot remotely.

Secure the camera.


Once remote shooting begins, the 
camera lens will come out. Lens motion 
from zooming may also move the camera 
out of position. Keep the camera still by 
mounting it on a tripod or taking other 

Connect the camera and 
smartphone (= 93, = 94).


In the privacy settings, choose [Yes].

Choose remote shooting.


In Camera Connect on the smartphone, 
choose remote shooting.


The camera lens will come out. Do not 
press near the lens, and make sure no 
objects will obstruct it.


Once the camera is ready for remote 
shooting, a live image from the camera 
will be displayed on the smartphone.


At this time, a message is displayed on 
the camera, and all operations except 
pressing the power button are disabled.



Use the smartphone to shoot.