Using a Smartphone to View Camera Images and Control the Camera


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Using a Smartphone to View Camera 
Images and Control the Camera

You can do the following with the dedicated smartphone app Camera 


Browse images on the camera and save them to the smartphone


Geotag images on the camera (= 114)


Shoot remotely (= 115)


Privacy settings must be conigured in advance to allow image 
viewing on the smartphone (= 93, = 94, = 116).

Geotagging Images on the Camera

GPS data recorded on a smartphone using the dedicated Camera 
Connect application can be added to images on the camera. Images are 
tagged with information including the latitude, longitude, and elevation.


Before shooting, make sure the date and time and your home 
time zone are set correctly, as described in “Setting the Date and 
Time” (= 19). Also follow the steps in “World Clock” (= 119) 
to specify any shooting destinations in other time zones.


Others may be able to locate or identify you by using location data 
in your geotagged still images or movies. Be careful when sharing 
these images with others, as when posting images online where 
many others can view them.


Images deleted from CANON iMAGE GATEWAY can no longer 
be viewed after a certain time.


You cannot view images sent before you changed the Image 
Sync settings so that you can browse or download from your 


For details on using the Canon Online Photo Album, refer to the 
Canon Online Photo Album Help.