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When sending images, you should use a fully charged battery 
pack or an AC adapter kit (sold separately, = 126).


Even if images were imported to the computer through a different 
method, any images not sent to the computer via CANON iMAGE 
GATEWAY will be sent to the computer.


Sending is faster when the destination is a computer on the same 
network as the camera, because images are sent via the access 
point instead of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY. Note that images 
stored on the computer are sent to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, so 
the computer must be connected to the Internet.

Viewing Images Sent via Image Sync on Your 

Installing the Canon Online Photo Album (Canon OPA) on your 
smartphone allows you to view and download images sent by Image 
Sync and temporarily saved on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY on your 

The following setup is required.


You must have completed coniguration for “Preparing the Computer” 
(= 112).


Search for the Canon Online Photo Album in the App Store for iPhone 
and iPad, or in Google Play for Android smartphones, and download 
and install the app.


Log in to the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY (= 103), choose your 

camera model, and then display the Web service coniguration screen 
and change the Image Sync settings so that you can browse or 
download from your smartphone. See the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY 
Help for more details.


A list of cameras linked to CANON 
iMAGE GATEWAY is displayed. Choose 
the camera from which images are to be 


Once the camera is registered and the 
computer is ready to receive images, the 
icon changes to [


Sending Images

Images sent from the camera are automatically saved to the computer.
If the computer that you intend to send images to is turned off, the images 
will be stored temporarily on the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY server. 
Stored images are regularly erased, so make sure to turn on the computer 
and save the images.

Send images.


If you have already assigned [

] to the 

[ ] button, press the [ ] button.


If you have not assigned the button this 
way, choose [

] as described in steps 

1 – 2 in “Uploading Images to Web 
Services” (= 105).


Images labeled with a [ ] icon have been 

Save the images to the computer.


Images are automatically saved to the 
computer when you turn it on.


Images are automatically sent to Web 
services from the CANON iMAGE 
GATEWAY server, even if the computer 
is off.