Sending Images Automatically Image Sync


Before Use

Basic Guide

Advanced Guide

Wi-Fi Functions

Camera Basics

Auto Mode / Hybrid Auto 

Other Shooting Modes

P Mode

Playback Mode

Setting Menu




Choose the type of images to send 
(only when sending movies with 


Press the [

] button and choose 

[Wi-Fi Settings] on the [

] tab (= 27).


Press the [


] buttons to choose 

[Image Sync], and then press the [ ][ ] 
buttons to choose [Stills/Movies].

Assign [

] to the [ ] button (only 

when sending images by pressing 
the [ ] button).


Clear the [ ] button setting if a 
smartphone is already assigned to the 
button (= 93).


Access the mobile connection screen 
as described in step 2 in “Sending to 
a Smartphone Assigned to the Button” 
(= 93), press the [ ][ ] buttons to 
choose [

], and then press the [


Preparing the Computer

Install and conigure the software on the destination computer.

Install the software.


Install the software on a computer 
connected to the Internet (= 97).

Register the camera.


Windows: In the taskbar, right-click [


and then click [Add new camera].


Mac OS: In the menu bar, click [

], and 

then click [Add new camera].

Sending Images Automatically 
(Image Sync)

Images on the memory card that have not been transferred already can 
be sent to a computer or Web services via CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.
Note that images cannot be sent only to Web services.

Initial Preparations

Preparing the Camera

Register [

] as the destination. You can also assign [

] to the [ ] button, 

so that you can simply press the [ ] button to send any unsent images on 
the memory card to a computer via CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.

Add [

] as a destination.


Add [

] as a destination, as described in 

“Registering CANON iMAGE GATEWAY” 
(= 103).


If you are also uploading images to a 
Web service, log in to the CANON iMAGE 
GATEWAY (= 103), choose your 
camera model, and then display the Web 

service coniguration screen and choose 
the Web service you want to upload 
images to from the Image Sync settings. 
for more details.