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Image Sending Options

You can choose multiple images to send at once and change the image 
recording pixel setting (size) before sending. Some Web services also 
enable you to annotate the images you send.

Sending Multiple Images

You can also select a range of images to send, or send all images tagged 
as favorites together, from the image sending screen.

Choose [Select and send].


On the image transfer screen, press the 
[ ][ ] buttons to choose [Select and 
send], and then press the [

] button.

Choose a selection method.


Press the [


] buttons to choose a 

selection method.

Select a range

Choose [Select Range].


Following step 2 in “Sending Multiple 
Images” (= 109), choose [Select 
Range] and press the [

] button.


Connections require that a memory card be in the camera.


Once you have connected to devices via the Wi-Fi menu, recent 
destinations will be listed irst when you access the Wi-Fi menu. 
You can easily connect again by pressing the [


] buttons to 

choose the device and then pressing the [

] button. To add a 

new device, display the device selection screen by pressing the 
[ ][

] buttons, and then conigure the setting.


If you prefer not to display recent target devices, choose MENU 
(= 27) > [

] tab > [Wi-Fi Settings] > [Target History] > [Off].


You can also send multiple images at once and change the image 
size before sending (= 109).


You can send the current image by choosing [Send this image] on 
the screen in step 4.