Connect the printer to the network, Choose the printer, Choose an image to print


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Wi-Fi Functions

Camera Basics

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Connections require that a memory card with saved images be in 
the camera.


Once you have connected to devices via the Wi-Fi menu, recent 
destinations will be listed irst when you access the Wi-Fi menu. 
You can easily connect again by pressing the [


] buttons to 

choose the device and then pressing the [

] button. To add a 

new device, display the device selection screen by pressing the 
[ ][

] buttons, and then conigure the setting.


If you prefer not to display recent target devices, choose MENU 
(= 27) > [

] tab > [Wi-Fi Settings] > [Target History] > [Off].


To use another access point, follow steps 3 – 4 in “Using Another 
Access Point” (= 96).

Connect the printer to the network.


In the printer’s Wi-Fi setting menu, 
choose the SSID (network name) 
displayed on the camera to establish a 

Choose the printer.


Press the [


] buttons to choose the 

printer name, and then press the [


Choose an image to print.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose an 


Press the [

] button, choose [

], and 

press the [

] button again.


Press the [


] buttons to choose 

[Print], and then press the [

] button.


For detailed printing instructions, see 
“Printing Images” (= 133).


To end the connection, press the [

button, press the [ ][ ] buttons on the 

conirmation screen to choose [OK], and 
then press the [

] button.