Printing Images Wirelessly from a Connected Printer


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Printing Images Wirelessly from a 
Connected Printer

Connect the camera to a printer via Wi-Fi to print as follows.
These steps show how to use the camera as an access point, but you can 
also use an existing access point (= 96).

Access the Wi-Fi menu.


Access the Wi-Fi menu as described in 
step 2 in “Adding a Smartphone Using 
the Wi-Fi Menu” (= 94).

Choose [



Press the [


][ ][ ] buttons to choose 


], and then press the [

] button.

Choose [Add a Device].


Press the [


] buttons to choose [Add 

a Device], and then press the [

] button.


The camera’s SSID is displayed.


Image transfer will begin. The screen 
darkens during image transfer.


After the image is sent, [OK] is displayed. 
Press the [

] button to return to the 

playback screen.


Connections require that a memory card with saved images be in 
the camera.


You can also send multiple images at once, resize images, and 
add comments before sending (= 109).


You can send the current image by choosing [Send this image] on 
the screen in step 3.


We recommend using the dedicated application Canon Online 
Photo Album when viewing images sent to CANON iMAGE 
GATEWAY on a smartphone. Search for the Canon Online Photo 
Album in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, or in Google Play for 
Android smartphones, and download and install the app.