Check the conirmation number and complete the setup process


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Check the conirmation number and 
complete the setup process.


On screen 2 of step 6, press the [ ][ ] 
buttons to choose [OK], and then press 
the [

] button. The conirmation number 

is displayed.


Make sure the conirmation number on 
the camera matches the number on the 
smartphone or computer.


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose [OK], 
and then press the [

] button.


Complete the setup process on the 
smartphone or computer.



] (= 112) and CANON iMAGE 

GATEWAY are now added as 
destinations, and the [

] icon changes 

to [



A message is displayed on the 
smartphone or computer to indicate that 

this process is inished. To add other 
Web services, follow the procedure 
in “Registering Other Web Services” 
(= 105) from step 2.


Connections require that a memory card with saved images be in 
the camera.


You can change the camera nickname displayed on the screen in 
step 3 (= 103).


Once you have connected to devices via the Wi-Fi menu, recent 
destinations will be listed irst when you access the menu. Press 
the [ ][ ] buttons to access the device selection screen and then 
conigure the setting.

Choose [



Press the [


][ ][ ] buttons to choose 


], and then press the [

] button.

Choose [Authenticate].


Press the [ ][ ] buttons to choose 
[Authenticate], and then press the [


Establish a connection with an 
access point.


Connect to the access point as described 
in steps 5 – 7 in “Using WPS-Compatible 
Access Points” (= 99) or in steps 2 – 4 
in “Connecting to Listed Access Points” 
(= 101).


Once the camera is connected to CANON 
iMAGE GATEWAY via the access point, 
an authentication code is displayed.


Keep this screen displayed until step 7 is 

Enter the authentication code.


On the smartphone or computer, enter 
the authentication code displayed on the 
camera and go to the next step.


A six-digit conirmation number is