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Previous Access Points

You can reconnect to any previous access points automatically by 
following step 4 in “Using WPS-Compatible Access Points” (= 99).


To connect to a device via an access point, conirm that the target 
device is already connected to the access point, and then follow the 
procedure from step 8 in “Using WPS-Compatible Access Points” 
(= 99).


To switch access points, choose [Switch Network] on the screen 
displayed when you establish a connection, and then either follow 
the procedure in “Using WPS-Compatible Access Points” (= 99) 
from step 5 or the procedure in “Connecting to Listed Access Points” 
(= 101) from step 2.

Enter the access point password.


Press the [

] button to access the 

keyboard, and then enter the password 
(= 28).


Press the [


] buttons to choose 

[Next], and then press the [

] button.

Choose [Auto].


Press the [


] buttons to choose 

[Auto], and then press the [

] button.


To save images to a connected computer, 
follow the procedure from step 8 in 
“Using WPS-Compatible Access Points” 
(= 99).


To determine the access point password, check on the access 
point itself or refer to the user manual.


Up to 16 access points will be displayed. If no access points are 
detected even after you choose [Refresh] in step 2 to update the 
list, choose [Manual Settings] in step 2 to complete access point 
settings manually. Follow on-screen instructions and enter an 
SSID, security settings, and a password.


When you use an access point that you have already connected 
to for connecting to another device, [*] is displayed for the 
password in step 3. To use the same password, press the [


buttons to choose [Next], and then press the [

] button.