Displaying the Clock


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Displaying the Clock

You can display the current date and time 
for a 5-second* interval using the 
following two methods.

* Default setting

Method 1
Hold the FUNC./SET button down while 
turning on the power.
Method 2
In a shooting/playback mode, press the FUNC./SET button for more 
than one second.

If you hold the camera horizontally, it displays the time. If you hold it 
vertically, the time and date display.
However, if you hold the camera vertically and use method 1 to 
display the date and time, the time will be initially displayed in the 
same way as when the camera is held horizontally.

• You can change the display color by pressing the 



• The clock display will disappear when the display interval is over or 

when a button is operated for a subsequent operation.

• The clock’s display interval can be changed in the 


(p. 54).

• The clock cannot be displayed when images are magnified or it is in 

the Index Playback mode.

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