Battery Capacity Battery Pack NB 6L Fully, charged, Test Conditions


Battery Capacity (Battery Pack NB-6L (Fully 


• The actual figures will vary according to the shooting conditions and 


• Movie data is excluded.
• At low temperatures, the battery performance may diminish and the 

remaining battery charge icon 

 (blinks red) may appear very 

rapidly. In these circumstances, the performance can be improved by 
warming the battery in a pocket before use.

Test Conditions

Number of Images Shot

Playback Time

LCD Monitor On

(Based on the CIPA 


LCD Monitor Off

Approx. 300 images

Approx. 700 images

Approx. 7 hours

Shooting: Normal temperature (23 °C ±2 °C/73 °F ±3.6 °F), normal 

relative humidity (50% ±20%), alternating wide angle end 
and telephoto end shots at 30 second intervals with the flash 
fired once every two shots and the camera power turned off 
after every tenth shot. Power is left off for a sufficient 
amount of time*, then the power is turned back on and the 
testing procedure is repeated.
• A Canon-brand memory card is used.

* Until the battery returns to normal temperature

Playback: Normal temperature (23 °C ±2 °C/73 °F ±3.6 °F), normal 

relative humidity (50% ±20%), continuous playback at 3 
seconds per image.

See Handling Precautions (p. 196).

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