Preparing to Download Images


Preparing to Download Images


Items to Prepare

• Camera and computer
• Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk supplied with the camera
• Interface cable supplied with the camera


Install the software.

1. Place the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk in the 

computer's CD-ROM drive.

2. Click [Easy Installation].

Follow the onscreen messages to 
proceed with the installation. 

3. When the installation is finished, the 

[Restart] or [Finish] button appears. 
Click the one that appears.

4. Remove the CD-ROM from the drive 

when your normal desktop screen 

Double-click the 

 in the CD-ROM 

window. When the installer panel appears, 
click [Install]. Follow the onscreen 
instructions to proceed.

Ensure that you install the software first before connecting the 
camera to the computer.