• Change the printer name

When you select 

, a screen to change the printer name appears.

Follow the instructions on the screen to change the name.


• The printer name entry has the following character limitation:

• Up to 128 characters

• Delete printers

When you select 

, the printer is deleted from the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center.

When transferring the ownership of the printer, select Clear the information saved on the printer.

• Add printers

Select this to add printers to be used in the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center.
You need a 

Printer registration ID

 to add a printer.


• Up to 16 printers are guaranteed to operate for each e-mail address.

Manage users screen

From the Manage users screen, you can 

check user information

 registered to the Canon Inkjet Cloud

Printing Center, 

delete users

add users

, and 

change the Administrator and Standard user settings