Printing Does Not Start

Printing Does Not Start


 Make sure that the power plug is securely plugged in, then press the ON button

to turn the machine on.

While the POWER lamp is flashing, the machine is initializing. Wait until the POWER lamp stops flashing and
remains lit.


• When printing large data such as a photo or graphics, it may take longer to start printing. While the

POWER lamp is flashing, the computer is processing data and sending it to the machine. Wait until printing


 Make sure that the machine is connected to your computer properly.

When the machine is connected to your computer with a USB cable, make sure that the USB cable is securely
plugged in to the machine and the computer, then check the followings:

• If you are using a relay device such as a USB hub, disconnect it, connect the machine directly to the

computer, and try printing again. If printing starts normally, there is a problem with the relay device. Consult
the reseller of the relay device for details.

• There could also be a problem with the USB cable. Replace the USB cable and try printing again.

When you use the machine over LAN, make sure that the machine is connected to the network with a LAN cable
or is set up correctly.


 Is the access point mode enabled?

When you print using a mode other than the access point mode, disable the access point mode in advance.


 Are the paper settings identical with those registered to the cassette?

When the paper settings are not identical with those registered to the cassette, an error message is displayed.
Resolve the error according to the instructions on the touch screen.

Paper Setting for Printing


• You can disable the message which prevents misprinting.

• To change the setting using the operation panel:

Cassette settings

• To change the setting using the printer driver:

Changing the Printer Operation Mode


 If you are printing from the computer and there are any unnecessary print jobs,

delete them.