You cannot send a document longer than 15 75 inches 400 mm from the ADF

You cannot send a document longer than 15.75 inches / 400 mm from the ADF.

"#003" is also printed if it takes time to send a page. Divide the document or set
the image quality (Fax resolution) to a lower setting, then resend it.

#005 No answer.

The recipient's fax machine does not respond.

Contact the recipient and have the recipient check that the telephone line is
connected correctly.

#012 No paper is in the

recipient's fax machine.

There is no paper in the recipient's fax machine.

Contact the recipient and have the recipient load paper.

#017 No tone is detected.

The machine could not detect the dial tone.

Dial tone detect in Advanced FAX settings under FAX settings is set to ON.
Set to OFF.

Advanced FAX settings

#018 Line was busy.

The fax/telephone number you dialed is busy.

Try dialing again after waiting for a moment.

#022 Number is deleted.

The fax/telephone number registered in the machine's directory is incorrect.

Check the recipient's fax/telephone number, correct the fax/telephone number
registered in the machine's directory, then send the document again.

Changing Registered Information

#037 Memory is full.

The machine could not send a fax because its memory is full.

Delete contents in memory, then send a fax again.

Document Stored in Machine's Memory

#059 Transmission has been

canceled due to a fax
information mismatch.

Transmission has been canceled because the machine could not detect the
recipient's fax machine information or the information did not match the dialed
number. This message is displayed when Check RX FAX information in
Security control under FAX settings is set to ON.

For details, see 

Sending Faxes after Checking Information (Checking the

Recipient's Information)


#085 Try again in black & white


The recipient's fax machine is not color-compatible.

Resend the document in black & white.

#099 The Stop button was

pressed during

The Stop button was pressed to cancel transmission of the document. Resend it
if necessary.

#412 The fax could not be sent

from the computer.

The fax could not be sent from the computer (Windows only). Ensure that the
machine is connected with the computer correctly and redo operation.

#995 The unsent fax was

deleted while automatic

While automatic redialing, the unsent fax is stored in the machine's memory
temporarily until the sending fax is complete. If a power failure occurs or you
unplug the power cord before automatic redialing is complete, all faxes stored in
the machine's memory are deleted and not sent.

Resend the document.