Setting Items for Photo Printing Using the Operation Panel of the Machine

Setting Items for Photo Printing Using the Operation Panel of the

You can specify the setting of page size, media type, photo fix and so on to print the photos saved on the
USB flash drive.

Flick vertically to display setting items, then tap the setting item to display the settings. Tap to specify the


• Some settings cannot be specified in combination with the other setting items or the print menus. If the

setting which cannot be specified in combination is selected, 

 and Error details are displayed on the

touch screen. In this case, tap 

 on the upper left on the touch screen to confirm the message, then

change the setting.

• The settings of the page size, media type, etc. are retained even if another print menu is selected or the

machine is turned off.

1. Page size

Select the page size of the loaded paper.

2. Type (Media type)

Select the media type of the loaded paper.

3. Print qlty (Print quality)

Select print quality according to the photo.

4. Print date

Activates/deactivates to print the date (shooting date) on a photo.


• The shooting date is printed according to the settings of Date display format in Device user

settings under Device settings under Setup.

Device user settings