FAX settings

FAX settings


• This setting item is for the administrator.

This section describes the setting items in FAX settings.

FAX user settings

Advanced FAX settings

Auto print settings

Auto save setting

Security control

Easy setup


• Before changing the settings, you can confirm the current settings by printing USER'S DATA LIST.

Summary of Reports and Lists

FAX user settings

• User information settings

Registers your name and fax/telephone number printed on sent faxes.

Registering User Information

• Telephone line type (Country or region of purchase other than China)

Selects the telephone line type setting for the machine.

Setting the Telephone Line Type


• This setting may not be available depending on the country or region of purchase.

• Telephone line auto selection (China only)

If you select ON, the telephone line type is selected automatically.

If you select OFF, you can select the telephone line type manually.

Setting the Telephone Line Type

Advanced FAX settings

• Auto redial

Enables/disables automatic redialing.

If you select ON, you can specify the maximum number of redial attempts and the length of time the
machine waits between redial attempts.

• Dial tone detect

Avoids mistransmission when reception and transmission occur at the same time.