Front View

Front View

(1) operation panel

Use to change the settings of the machine or to operate it.

Operation Panel

(2) ADF (Auto Document Feeder)

Load a document here. The documents loaded in the document tray are scanned automatically one
sheet at a time.

Loading Documents in the ADF (Auto Document Feeder)

(3) document feeder cover

Open when clearing jammed documents.

(4) document guides

Adjust these guides to match the width of document in the ADF.

(5) document tray

Open to load a document in the ADF. You can load two or more sheets of document of the same size
and thickness. Load the document with the side you want to scan facing up.

(6) document output slot

Documents scanned from the ADF are delivered here.

(7) document cover

Open to load an original on the platen glass.

(8) front cover

Open to replace an ink tank or remove jammed paper inside the machine.

(9) paper output tray

Pull out to support printed paper. It will then cover the cassette. Pull out for normal use.

(10) output tray extension

Extend to support ejected paper.

(11) paper output support

Open to support ejected paper.