Registration Using Google Chrome, Registration from the Printer

• When you register a printer, the printer must be connected to the LAN and the LAN environment

must be connected to the Internet. Note that the customer is responsible for all Internet connection

• When the printer owner changes, 

delete the printer registration from Google Cloud Print


Registration Using Google Chrome

1. Start the Google Chrome browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

Then from 

 (Chrome menu), select Sign in to Chrome..., and log in to your Google


2. From 

 (Chrome menu), select Settings

3. Click Show advanced settings... to display the information. Then for Google Cloud

Print, select Manage

4. Select Add printers for the printer to be added

5. When the confirmation message for registering the printer appears, select OK

Printer registration is complete.

Registration from the Printer

The authentication procedure using the web browser on the computer or the mobile device is required
in the process of registering. Because the authentication URL is printed from printer when the
authentication process is performed, prepare A4 size or Letter size or Legal size plain paper.

1. Make sure that the printer is turned on

2. From the Home screen, select Setup

3. Select Web service setup -> Connection setup -> Google Cloud Print setup ->

Register with Google Cloud Print


• If you have already registered the printer with Google Cloud Print, the confirmation message

to re-register the printer is displayed.

4. When the confirmation screen to register the printer is displayed, select Yes

5. Select a display language on the print setting screen of Google Cloud Print

The confirmation message to print the authentication URL is displayed.

6. Load A4 size or Letter size or Legal size plain paper, then select OK